Make your dollars scale to new heights with Peak Rewards.  Peak Rewards are within your grasp at all Pinnacle 365 locations throughout California and Oregon. 


How It Works:

You don’t need new climbing gear to achieve ambitious goals with Pinnacle Rewards.  Follow these easy steps and you’ll be sitting on the summit of savings in no time:

  1. Download the Pinnacle 365 app.
  2. Register your free Peak Rewards membership.
  3. Discover a participating location or select an offer you like.
  4. Scan your barcode at the register to earn and redeem rewards.
  5. Just getting gas?  Enter your “Alt ID” at the pump to apply your reward balance and save money on your fuel purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions


Get the App

  • Find deals on snacks, beverages, and fuel
  • View club items and track your progress
  • View current reward balance
  • Track your club offer status
  • Find nearby locations